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Journal: VIII

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 17, 2010, 8:59 AM
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Hello my deviant art friends :)

sorry about my recent "radio silence" (both on journals and paintings), ive been a bit busy with my new job.

Thanks to Deviant Art, i recently got a job on as a graphic artist/animator :)  

So i havent had much time to work on personal paintings, which kinda sucks cause i have like 30 paintings to finish ^__^

But now that i feel a bit more confortable at my new job, im gonna continue working on personal works so expect new paintings in the next few weeks ^_^ including a painting i promised to :iconaskgooroo:(btw, sorry im taking so long with it) and im also developing a short animation film to post here on deviant art in a near future.

ohhh and this is the last day of my premium membership *vasco cries like a little girl*. it was fun while it lasted :D, hopefully in the future, ill get another one ^_^

keep on the awesomeness ^_^

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  • Watching: Lost is over...what else is there to watch?

Journal: VII

Journal Entry: Tue May 25, 2010, 9:51 PM
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this post is about the LOST series finale, it contains spoilers, so if you havent watched it and intent to...avoid this journal. Btw, if you never watched Lost.....GO WATCH IT!  ^_^

Last sunday, the last episode of LOST, my favourite tv show, aired...and in my opinion...IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!
I think it was a perfectly fitting ending to this amazing show. Im sure many people didnt enjoyed the finale because of the lack of answers to some pretty big mysteries. Before the finale i was a bit concerned that some mysteries wouldnt get an answer...but honestly, after watching this last episode, i didnt cared about those answers at all. Personally, i like stories that leave an open ending, cause it keeps the story alive and the fans talking about it, perhaps for years to come.
I am not ashamed to admit that i actually  cried a bit in those last 5 minutes... when jack finally closes his eye in the same place where the show started with him opening his eye after the oceanic 815 crash and when we realise that the alternate universe is actually a limbo/purgatory for all the characters (that died in the show and after). I thought it was pretty an awesome and emotional ending for the show...and in the end, no matter if you loved or hated the finale, LOST was a great tv show :)...but now im sad the show ended...what will i watch now? Does this mean i actually have to get a life now? :P

By the way,the season 6 dvd and blu ray of LOST, will have an extra 20 minutes of footage that will answer many of the mysteries left unanswered in this last season. yay!! (geek alert!!!)


Journal: VI

Journal Entry: Thu May 20, 2010, 3:41 PM
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Sooooooooo heres the thing you may or may not know about me. Im  actually a 2D / 3D animator, but as you may have noticed i dont have anything like that in my Deviant Art gallery. So im thinking about making a short animated film to upload here. Im gonna make it as awesome as i can ^_~

what do you guys think? Should i do it? ^_^

keep being awesome.


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  • Watching: Lost ( ends this sunday :(....)
  • Playing: final fantasy XIII !!!!!!!!! fu*k yeah!!!

Journal: V

Journal Entry: Sun May 9, 2010, 2:47 PM
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April was a pretty sweet month for me, here on deviantArt. ^____^

First i get a Daily Deviation and then :iconaskgooroo: gives me a 3 month premium membership ^_^. Thank you so much.

Now... something that you probably dont know about me..... i really dont like my works... in fact i hate most of them. I also dont feel confortable calling my works "art" or calling myself an artist.

When i finish a painting, i actually like it and i think to myself " ok, maybe i dont suck"...but if i look at that same painting 10 minutes after, i suddendly see everything thats wrong with it. Every single mistake. And it even gets to a point where i cant even look at it and sometimes i even get quite depressed about it.

I realise that some people may think this is just me "fishing for compliments", but it isnt. In fact i get quite alot of compliments about my works, but, ultimately, it doesnt change how i feel about them. I just dont have alot of confidence in  my works and i realise that its something i need to work on.

My point is, the DD and now this premium membership thing, are definitely a boost in my confidence. Maybe i dont suck as much as i think i do. So thank you so much for the support. It means more than you know.

keep on the awesomeness ^_^


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  • Drinking: 7up

Journal: IV

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 18, 2010, 9:16 AM
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Is Edward Cullen gay?

Yes. Yes he is.
I mean c´mon, the guy sparkles, what did you expect?

Ok, so, now that i got that out of my system, a few days after i posted my last journal, i got a Daily Deviation. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet ^_^

To be honest i was freaking surprised, not just because i got a DD but also because of the work that was chosen. I like the work "Open Windows" but i never thought it was "DD worthy" since its just a simple sketch.

Anyways, i usually always post a comment thanking people for favoring my work or adding me to their watch list, but i didnt had time to thank everyone on the day i got my Daily Thank you so much ^_^ you are awesome :D

New painting coming up next week.

Don´t forget to be awesome.


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  • Watching: still watching LOST..omg its almost over :(
  • Playing: ...i want Final Fantasy XIII...:(
  • Listening to: &quot;Exogenesis Symphony&quot; by Muse
  • Watching: LOST..what else?
  • Playing: nothing...wondering why i dont have FF13 yet...
  • Eating: strawberries
YAAAY, Happy "deviantArt birthday"  to meeeeee ^_^

Wow, i can´t even believe it has been a year since i started this deviantArt account º_º...and i can´t also believe it took me sooooooooo freaking long to actually make an account :)
Thanks to :iconneologistichannah: for finally convincing me to be a part of this sweet website/community :) and thanks to everyone who watches my work ^_^ you are made of pure awesomeness.

Regarding my last journal (about my cat dying), thanks for the support, it really means alot.
I´m a bit better, but, obviously, it still hurts and i think it always will. But it gets easier. :)

Expect new works very soon (this week or maybe next one) and the previously mentioned collabs too :D

p.s. should i upload wallpaper versions of some of my this :…

keep on the awesomeness

So, i know what youre thinking..."wow, it took him a year to write a journal and now he s already writting a second one..way to go vasco ^_^.

But i wish the reason that made me write this second journal wasnt so crappy.

So, on March 4th (precisely the day i wrote my first journal) sometime between 2 am and 3 am, my cat died at my arms.

Her name was Pupa and she was 9 years old. For the past 2 or 3 weeks she had been acting a bit weird. She had lost some weight, she was showing signs of being tired and she was throwing up alot.  But she never showed signs of being in pain (whenever she was feeling pain or sick, she would make this noise like she was screamming. For example, everytime she was about to throw up she would make this noise to warn us.) And for the last week she actually seemed to improve a bit cause she stopped throwing up.
Anyways, me and my sister took her to the vet on March 4th and the vet told us her liver was failling, but there was still hope if she took her meds. She could actually get better in a week or so. Little did we know that she wouldnt even survive that night.
She was stable when she got home, but arround 2 am she starting throwing up again...actually she couldnt stop vomiting, even when she had her stomach empty. After that, she got horribly worse. I wont get into details, cause i dont want to be too graphic and i dont want to shock you. Lets just say that in only 10 minutes, it was like every organ was failling and she was feelling the most horrible pain ever. She couldnt breath and she even started fight with herself, putting her paws inside her own mouth. She was also making a noise i had never heard before...somtimes it sounded like a person crying.
Me and my sister were holding her to the ground cause she wanted to run and hide under the bed. She started having spasms and then she stopped moving. My sister tried massaging her heart, but it was already too late. She died at our arms.

It was weird cause it seemed like this was triggered by something. she was stable but then she got really worse really fast and in only 10 minutes she was dead.

And obviously, im in pain right now and i miss her already (the horrible way she died and the fact that she suffered alot isnt helping either). I know that this may sound silly to some people. She was "just" a cat. Everyday people die which is much worse. I should just move on. The thing is, when you have an animal like a cat or a dog or whatever, for a long period of time, it becomes more than a simple animal that just sleeps, eats and poops. It becomes a friend. It becomes family. It has its own personality and its natural to miss it. But i guess time will make it easier.

I thought about posting this photo of her on my gallery:…

but then i decided to post it here insted. This photo is not art and its not suppose to be art. But its not just a simple photo of a cat that now is dead either.
This photo was taken 20 minutes before she died. She was just resting in my old jacket that i had in my bed. I normally dont take alot of photos of my cat, but this time i felt compelled to do it, cause i just had a feeling that it was my last chance to do it.

dont take your pets for granted.

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  • Playing: Final Fantasy XII.....still waiting for FF XIII
  • Eating: gummy bears. *drools*
YAY, my first journal ^_^

It only took me like a year to write the first one  :D i might be a deviant for almost a year, but to be honest i just started using this website more frequently and with more interest since january 2010. Now im totally addicted to it :) and i promise, more paintings are coming, including some collaborations with my awesome friend /awesome writer and photographer/ muse :iconneologistichannah: (stop reading this and check her gallery now!!!! ).

The problem is...i always do a bunch of paintings at the same time so i take some time to actually finish one! ^_^ im currently working on almost 30 paintings at the same time.

well, i wanna take this first journal to thank you for all the support. To thank all of you that choose to watch me (is it just me or that sounded creepy?) ^_^

keep on the awesomeness.